Monday, July 2, 2012

Inspiration is everywhere

Lately, I've been feeling creative and pulling inspiration from everywhere to come up with some really cool projects. I'm really learning how inspiration can be pulled from every which way to create some amazing results. Sometimes the best ideas can come from a book, magazine, show, a walk in the park or even people watching! I know I'm super late... but one of the things that's brought me tons of ideas and made me really motivated has been Polyvore

On Polyvore, you can pull outfits from all over the internet and put them together on a template or blank page and see how they will look and fit together. It's really great if you just need to get some styling ideas for yourself or others or if you have a really great piece and want to see what you would put it together with. If you've ever seen Clueless and had closet-envy of Cher's automatic closet, THIS is the closest you may get! It's really great so try it out & check out some of my sets that I've recently created on there! 

Happy Styling :)

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